A New Chapter In My Life: Desert Plain- PART 2

Riverview Bible Camp was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had the chance to enjoy. It was a week to remember, a marking point in my life, and the beggining of a new me, a new Bekah.
This Bekah loved herself for who she was, flaws and all. She saw that she was created for a reason. She knew that there was not a person on this earth that could tell her she isnt beautiful. She had seen the light. After years and years of feeling ugly and fat, she finally felt worth while, beautiful.
After camp, I came home a new, refreshed and revived person. I felt like I was on top of the world. I wished I could have stayed at that camp, with all my friends forever. All the things that had happened there, everything that i saw and realized, I didnt ever want to leave.
Robert and I stayed in touch. I ended up going over to his apparentment to go swimming and hang out, I brought Hillary, my best friend along. From that day one, with the exception of the week he went to BMX camp, we hung out all the time. First it was like once a week, then a couple times a week. Within a month we were hanging out almost everyday. I went with him to football practice everyday, we hung out at his house, we swam in the pool, and every once in a while we would go to my house, or a friends.
Somewhere in the craziness, I found out I would be moving to Idaho at the very begining of October. It broke my heart.
August came and almost completely passes us by. It was like time had no effect on us. Everyday we spent together, the more I fell in love with that silly boy. On the 24th we started dating, despite the fact that i was moving. I told him I rather have him for a little while, then never at all.
 My birthday rolled around, the 29th, and I invited Krissy, Hillary, Emma, and of course Robert to my sleep over. We had tons of fun playing American Idol and Guitar Hero for the Wii. Robert made banana smoothies.
Robert and I went outside to talk for a couple minutes, while the girls where hanging out in my livingroom. We talked about me moving to Idaho, then we started talking about me and him. One thing led to another, and we had a magical first kiss. The spark make my heart pound so hard you could hear it a mile away. The stars seemed to shine brighter, and the moon up in the night sky seemed to smile down on us. I felt so happy. All I could do was look at his beautiful face, and smile. I can see that night in my mind, just like it had happened yesterday. I couldnt believe this was really happening, I always thought I wouldnt find love until I was older. Turns out, love found me instead.
We continued to hang out together everyday, growing stronger in our love. I felt like I was living inside a wonderful dream, and I prayed that no one would ever wake me up. I became part of his family. I was over at his house everyday. His mom started calling me her daughter, and his little sister Gabby adopted me as her big sis. I felt so welcomed and loved there, like at a home away from home. His mom even offered to let me move in with them, so I wouldnt have to go to Idaho with my family. If my family didnt mean so much to me, I would have excepted her offer, without any second thoughts.
The love that Robert and I shared was so strong. I knew I could love him for the rest of my life, and if things started going downhill, I wouldnt give up without a fight. I’d fight for love any day, especially his love. His love was warm and passionate, it showed in everything he did. Sometimes I thought it was too good to be true, but then he would kiss me, and I knew that he loved me.
My time in Oregon was drawing to a close, way too fast for me to handle. I ignored it, and kept loving Robert without worrying about what was about to happen. I didnt ever want to let go. I didnt want to believe I really, truely had to leave my life behind, or leave the love of my life behind. I never gave myself time to really except that I had to go. I just kept ignoring it until the last minute. I kept telling myself that everything would be ok, and it wouldnt be long until I could come back home.
My last day in Tigard, Oregon is a day I will never forget. I think its the last day anyone could ever wish for. Robert’s mom let Robert skip school to come hang out with me, and help me do some last minute stuff around the house. We washed the van, had a mini water fight, planted things in the garden, ran errands, and had a paint fight. That paint fight was the funniest thing ever. We were painting a peice of siding on our house, to match the rest of the house. I had some paint on my hand, and he wasnt wearing a shirt :). I’m sure you can see where this was going. I wiped the paint on his arm, and then, it was war. By the the time we were done, we were both covered in paint.
The water from the hose ran ice cold. My dad saw us covered in paint, and just laughed saying, “you were supposed to paint the house, not each other!” We wash off outside, in the backyard, then went inside to warm up.
After a few minutes, my mom put as back to work. Our mission was to get the kitchen walls clean, by any means necessary. We had sponges, and some cleaner, and my moms iPod and Bose speakers to listen to. Of course, Rober had to put it on Michael Jackson :). He sang to me “You Are Not Alone,” and that became the song I’d listen to when I needed to be reminded that everything is ok.
When everything my mom had asked us to do was done, my dad told me to take Robert home. My heart skipped a beat. I knew this would be the last time I saw him for a very long time. The drive to his house seemed too short. The music on the radio was all we heard as we pulled up. I took a deep breath, knowing that this was going to be, by far, the hardest goodbye to deal with.
We walked up the stairs into his appartment, and were greeted by his mom, our mom. I told her I could only stay for an hour, then I had to go. The 3 of us sat in Robert’s room, me and mom crying periodically. Robert was upset, but didnt want to show it. That was fine by me as long as I could spend my last minutes with him in his arms, him telling me everything would be ok.
Gabby was asleep on the couch, I woke her up to give her a hug. I just held her there in my arms, my 5 year old baby sister half asleep. I cried, and I kept holding her, whispering to her “I love you baby girl. Promise me you’ll be good until your big sis comes back ok? I love you so so much.” I didnt want to let go, she was, and still is my little sister. She always will be.
I hugged his mom and we cried for a minute, and I said goodbye. Robert walked me down to my car like he always does, every night when I would leave. Tears streaming down my face, I unlocked the car and put my bag inside. I looked up at him, and I could see the sadness in his eyes. I hugged him, and I didnt want to let go. I cried some more, I couldnt help it. I loved that silly boy. He had no idea how much I was gunna miss him. We kissed, it was sad, but full of passion. In a way it reminded me of our first kiss. Except this was out last kiss… It took all the strength I had to hug him one last time and get into the car. I watched him walk up the stairs to his apartment one last time. I put the car into gear, and drove away one last time.

To Be Continued…

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