1:09 am

I've been thinking about things that I used to love to do back home. Across from Fred Meyers on 99 there was a Subway and a Starbucks right next to each other. My mom and I would somes grab a coffee and a sandwich before heading to Fredy's. The driveway was a crazy slope lol. One time I scraped the front bumper of my minivan on the ground because it was so steep. Haha fun times. Oh and theres this park out behind all the new develpoment that was going up behind my house. It had a cute little creek that run through to park all the way down to the Tualatin River. I used to take pictures there for photography class. It was my favorite place to go and relax. I would just listen to the trickling water in the shade of the trees. I also loved swinging at Deer Creek Elementary. I've used those swings since I was 5 🙂 That has always been my favorite place to go and swing. My most favorite thing to do, though, was to sit out on my back patio and look at the stars… Enough said 🙂 Night.


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