The Blind Side

I just watched The Blind Side. For all who have seen this movie, you know that the Left Tackle protects the blind spots of his team mates, or their Blind Sides. I was thinking, well, wheres my Blind Side? And who’s got my back? Who’s going to cover me when I cant see whats coming? And then, I realized the answer to my own question. My friends, my family, and God. I mean, if you think about it, your support network is just like a football team, or rather, a football family. On the offence, you’ve got all of your loved ones who will stand, fight and protect you. And, on the defense you’ve got those who will get up and pick up the slack when your tired or too weak to keep playing. Its really the same with any sport. You could compare your friends and family to a volley ball team, or water polo, or even a cheer squad. Within any sport of any kind, there is always a leader, a head haunch-o. A coach. My coach is God. He calls the plays, He knows whats good and bad for me, and no matter what happens, He will always have your back. I know He has mine. Hes the man with the game plan, and you know you can trust Him. He is your coach after all.

10 days til Oregon 🙂 Goodnight


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