The Letter, Part 2

Well, I’m a little suprised by today, to be honest.

This morning I woke up with a voice mail on my cell phone from a number I didnt recognize. I had gotten a couple calls from this number yesterday, and I figured if it was important that they would eventually leave a message or something. Well, turns out that someone did leave a message, finally.

“Hey…Its Robert…Give me a call when you can…”

I had to listen to it 2 or 3 times before reality hit me. The first thing I though is, he read the little note I slipped into the letter I sent his mom that I could have only hoped he would read. He actually called me, just to say hi.

I called the number back and left a message. I was in the parking lot of Hastings when he called me. I almost didnt answer it, but I got a grip. We talked about the randomest things, just like old times. He said Gabby was doing good and growing like crazy. I really cant wait to see her again. Mom still lives in their apartment, alone :(.

He’s not doing football this year. Something about money that his foster parents cant pay. I wish I could have helped somehow, because I know how much he loves football.

We talked about my birthday. He said he might send me Herald (his stuffed white tiger with blue eyes that he sent with me when I moved to keep me company, which I gave back after we broke up) and a birthday card. That would be nice. Herald is a cuddly stuffed animal. Lots of memories, haha.

Wow, I can be so emotional. Here I am talking about how happy I am that he called and I’m ready to cry. The tears are welling up in my eyes. I guess I just miss him, thats all. I really wanna go home and see everyone I miss, but I’m going camping instead. Dont get me wrong, its gunna be fun, but when your still crying 10 months after you move, that means you still need your friends every once in a while.

Anyway… so I went and checked the mail. I got a letter with a return address I recognized. My old address. I seriously wasnt expecting that, because I dont recall giving any contact information in my letter. I didnt really want to hear back. But, I am glad she wrote me. Its nice to know that a nice lady and her family are living in my house now. Ugh, here I go crying again. Im really glad, actually, that she is a believer in Christ. That really means alot to me, I dont know why, but it does.

She gave me some encouraging words, and shared her move-in story. She left an email address, so I sent her an email. She said I am always welcome to write or visit whenever I’m in town. I can tell shes a nice lady.

What an emotional day…


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