For My Sanity

I was just thinking about why I blog, and why I started blogging in the first place. Really, its like a diary to me, just one that people could read if they really wanted to. But I think there is a bigger reason behind it. I mean, anyone can write in a diary, but this isnt just a diary to me. The blog, since the very first post, is and always has been for my sanity. This is my place to let it all out, and not care about boring people to death or making them worry, or even wearing people out with my issues. No one HAS to read this, so I dont HAVE to think about it. The things that I write are depressing, full of anger, sorrowful, and rarely, happy. But I have to let it out somewhere. If I didnt write, what would I do? Cry myself to death? Probably. Its never been about how many readers I have, its always been about what I think or feel or just need to say. That, right there, is why I blog. And you know what? Its ok with me that I fall apart and show it here. Unless I tell someone, which I dont usually, it goes unnoticed. So I write, for my sanity. My sanity, whatever is left of it, is why I blog.