Lately things have been changing in my life. I think that I had a change of heart and mind back in January, at the winter camp I attended with Student Venture Boise. I went, thinking that my heart was too locked up to let God back in, but I was oh so wrong. I dont know if it was the messages at each session, the worship, the cabin time, getting to know the girls in my cabin or that 2 hour talk with Jessica (one of the Student Venture leaders and also a good friend) in the middle of the night, but God used that weekend to really rock my world. I needed a serious reminder that He can and will take away my pain and stress if I just ask Him to. It seems like I’ve had experiences like this several times in my life. I start to fall away from God and His love, and He just snatches me back up into His arms every single time. Since, I have been attending Ten Mile Christian Church, Student Venture meetings at Rocky Mountain High, and a girls bible study hosted by Jessica and Hollie (another SV leader). Now, I dont want anyone to think that this has all been an overnight transformation. I still struggle to read the Bible everyday and just spend some quality time with God. Honestly, I think its because I live a lazy lifestyle. I have been praying for God to give me some motivation, because I KNOW it will pay off. God always provides to his people when they ask.
I recently found out that I have a fatty liver. To be honest, that scared me REALLY bad. I immediately asked God for guidance and comfort. I am getting ready to make some lifestyle changes in attempt to be healthier, reduce the fat in my liver, and (most importantly) become closer with God. Giving God my everything has really been on my heart. I need to step up and take a chance for Him instead of living my life in the “safe zone”. I know that if I take a step into the unknown, God will provide me a foothold. I need to apply that faith to my life in the most genuine and legit way I possibly can.
There is a song that really reminds me that I am not invisible to God and that He will help me through EVERYTHING. Its called Invisible by Disciple. If you are needed a little hope, look this song up.