Trees Cant Grow In Sand

We all know trees cant grow in sand. They wouldn’t survive. Trees need good soil and nutrients to grow.
Honestly, we are a lot like trees in many ways: 
As we age, we grow taller, stronger, and we see many things in our lifetimes. If we are healthy, we are grounded solidly in Christ our Savior, just as trees are grounded solidly where they stand. If we are strong, we rarely waver in the winds of life. We hold onto our foundation with our roots, our very beings. The morning sun shows off our beauty, sunsets mark another day we survived in this world. Each wrinkle on our faces are like the rings in a tree’s trunk: they mark the phases in our lives, and each tells a different story. 
Loved Ones, please join me on this great journey. God is waiting for us. He is reaching down to lift us up higher than the tallest mountains. He holds each and every one of us in His loving arms, we are HIS children. 


Let me know what you think!

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