I Need You, Father.

I am not a happy person at the moment. I feel like crying, actually. I keep having the urge to punch a wall or scream so loud that I lose my voice. Even in my silent fits of overwhelming anger and sadness, God is speaking to my heart. He knows how I feel, he understands. I want to cry, and he is there to dry my tears every single time. It truly amazes me how I can just be so negative and still he wants me. I can blow up at someone over something really dumb, and he forgives me. I can be so upset that I can’t control myself anymore, and still my God is holding onto me so lovingly and gently. I feel worthless, but Jesus gave his life for me. The sinless man gave his life so that I could be forgiven for every nasty thing I’ve said and every mean thing I’ve ever done.


Let me know what you think!

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