Rain Drops on Roses

Gosh, the rain really does remind me of home. Tigard, being just outside of Portland, gets lots of rain. I grew up in the rain. I’ve been dancing in it since as far back as I can remember. I am fascinated by it, really. Rain makes things grow. Rain waters the Earth so that we can drink the freshly recycled water. Rain is a beautiful blessing sent from God Himself just for all the living things that reside here.
I really do feel as though I belong in the rain. I used to not care at all if it was 100 degrees outside or a mere 20. I would still be out in the rain. Today I am achy and feeling a little depressed, so I am inside admiring from the windows and playing my guitar a little, just to keep my mind off of things.
I cant decide if I need coffee or more sleep, but one or the other is certainly in order right about now. Maybe some hot tea and a nice blanket will do. I just want to enjoy the rain while it’s here, because it doesn’t visit nearly enough as I would like it to. I will watch it dampen the last of the leaves on the trees, make puddles on the pavement, and let it flood my mind with memories of home…


Let me know what you think!

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