Tonight, I’ve seen in my friends happiness and laughter (as usual), tears, heartache, stress, learning, surviving, and most importantly: GROWTH. 
A beautiful woman in my life has taken a step to get better in her struggles. This is a BIG step in anyone’s life, and I am so proud of her for taking it. She’s got one foot in the doorway, and she’s ready to do whatever it takes. This girl inspires me to keep going, and to never give up on myself or God. 
Through her struggles and our (us girls) own, we have grown uniquely strong as a family. We are mothers, sisters, best friends, and just ourselves to each other. We all desperately need a group of friends in our lives. Friends that welcome us like we are expected and WANTED. We need friends that actually care about how your day has been and what the new “drama” is in our lives. We need people to invest in and share our lives with knowing we wont easily be forgotten. 
I feel like I belong here, and I hope every single one of the girls in this house feels the same.
Love all of you ❤

These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things

I’ve found that writing out things that make me smile helps to lighten my mood. Its quite wonderful, actually. 🙂
I talked to my therapist about this, and I was suprised that she had never thought about having someone doing something like that to help with depression. I think its a great way to end the day. Sometimes I will post them on Facebook, but I thought it would be fun to post my “Things That Made Me Smile Today” on here.

So here’s today’s so far:

My dorky friends/roomies 🙂 I love them to death. They make me smile constantly and I am so thankful for each one of them. I would not be where I am in my emotional/mental struggles without them. Also, they are just great people so sit and watch movies with 🙂 We watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Across The Universe last night ❤

The nicknames my Mama calls me 🙂 Dolly (short for babydoll), Sweetums, Miissy, the list goes on and on and I love every one of them 🙂

My Guitar, Delilah. She helps me express what words cant say. She shares my heart-break and my joy. Many funny moments have happened with Delilah in hand. She’s seen my tears. She’s helped me worship Jesus 🙂

The weather today, its actually kind of warm! And I love cloudy days. They remind me of the constant cloud cover in Oregon during the rainy season.

Boca Burgers 🙂 I just tried one for the first time and they are AMAZING.

The Boise Co-Op. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT STORE. Its the only cheap place I’ve ever seen that sells all organic foods.

I’ll post some more later 🙂