We Are Broken

I dont know that anyone really reads this blog, but thats ok. Tonight I just need to write.

My heart is hurting for those around me. I want nothing more than to take all the pain away, all the scars of past events, all of the wounds from the present. Tonight is one of those nights I would give up my life to make things better. If God asked me to give myself for my loved ones, I WOULD WITHOUT THINKING TWICE.

I truly wish hugs and kind words could ease the hurting in their hearts and in my own. I wish I could do something to help, but I and rendered helpless in a hurricane. I cant hold down the door to the storm shelter for them and wait for it to pass. Oh, how I wish I could protect each and every one of them from all things bad, like a mother tries to protect her baby from the world.

But, I cant. All I can to is pray and be supportive, and help when I can. I hope it will be enough.

You guys will forever be in my heart.


Courtship is SO for me!

There has been a lot on my mind this past week. Birth control, Embryo Adoption, some other random things I’ve been reading about. But more than anything, I’ve been thinking about where I stand on Courting vs Dating. 

I have been doing some reading on the subject of courting, and I have to say I have decided that courtship definitely for me. Dating doesn’t even make sense to me any more, to be completely honest. 
I talked to my mom tonight about all of this courting stuff and why I liked it so much better than dating. I also briefly explained the parental roll in courting, which is to be involved and be a guide through these waters we call love, among other things. I am excited that she agrees with my decision and is supportive of it. 
Here’s a little bit about why I enjoy the idea of courtship:
The goal is a healthy marriage, a service partner, and to grow in your relationships with God as a team.
It is to find that someone God has planned for you, but to also stay pure until marriage.
Both sets of parents (ideally) will be involved with guidance and accountability. They are there to help the couple navigate a relationship, and to give advice and to give their opinion on the other person. (It makes sense, your parents know you pretty well!)
God is always at the center of everything, as He should be!

There is obviously more to all of this, which I hope to write about quiet a bit. I would really love to read some books on courtship. I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris is definitely at the top of my list! 
Goodnight, and Happy Valentines Day!

Anyone Can Buy Me Coffee

Dreaming of the day… when I meet a man that will like me for who I am and never ask me to change who I am to please him. Someone that doesn’t mind my quirks and my flaws. Someone who actually wants to get to know me, and respects me enough to court me rather than date me. A guy that fancies me, not just desires my body. Someone who really is interested in what I think and what I like to do. Someone that likes dogs and children and loves my crazy family and friends. Someone that loves music and wont mind my silly singing while I clean or doodle. A man that loves the Lord before himself or me or anything else on this earth and wants to have Jesus at the center of our relationship. A man that doesn’t mind that I love eating fatty foods sometimes and that I will never look like a supermodel.

That is what I dream of. I dont need things paid for every time we go out to eat or have coffee. I dont need jewellery or nice things. I much rather have a hand-written note reminding me that I matter. Watching dorky kids movies together or singing me a song will always mean more to me than a ring. I cherish a good hug more than all the flowers in the world. Yes, these are nice things. But, honestly, anyone can give me flowers and pay for my coffee. Anyone can give me a Valentine or make me smile.

I want to know what its like to truly be cherished. I know that man is out there somewhere, and I will meet him someday.

But for now, I just want someone that is fun to hang out with and wants to get to know me as much as I want to get to know him.