Courtship is SO for me!

There has been a lot on my mind this past week. Birth control, Embryo Adoption, some other random things I’ve been reading about. But more than anything, I’ve been thinking about where I stand on Courting vs Dating. 

I have been doing some reading on the subject of courting, and I have to say I have decided that courtship definitely for me. Dating doesn’t even make sense to me any more, to be completely honest. 
I talked to my mom tonight about all of this courting stuff and why I liked it so much better than dating. I also briefly explained the parental roll in courting, which is to be involved and be a guide through these waters we call love, among other things. I am excited that she agrees with my decision and is supportive of it. 
Here’s a little bit about why I enjoy the idea of courtship:
The goal is a healthy marriage, a service partner, and to grow in your relationships with God as a team.
It is to find that someone God has planned for you, but to also stay pure until marriage.
Both sets of parents (ideally) will be involved with guidance and accountability. They are there to help the couple navigate a relationship, and to give advice and to give their opinion on the other person. (It makes sense, your parents know you pretty well!)
God is always at the center of everything, as He should be!

There is obviously more to all of this, which I hope to write about quiet a bit. I would really love to read some books on courtship. I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris is definitely at the top of my list! 
Goodnight, and Happy Valentines Day!

Let me know what you think!

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