We Are Broken

I dont know that anyone really reads this blog, but thats ok. Tonight I just need to write.

My heart is hurting for those around me. I want nothing more than to take all the pain away, all the scars of past events, all of the wounds from the present. Tonight is one of those nights I would give up my life to make things better. If God asked me to give myself for my loved ones, I WOULD WITHOUT THINKING TWICE.

I truly wish hugs and kind words could ease the hurting in their hearts and in my own. I wish I could do something to help, but I and rendered helpless in a hurricane. I cant hold down the door to the storm shelter for them and wait for it to pass. Oh, how I wish I could protect each and every one of them from all things bad, like a mother tries to protect her baby from the world.

But, I cant. All I can to is pray and be supportive, and help when I can. I hope it will be enough.

You guys will forever be in my heart.


Let me know what you think!

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