Hitting the Wall

I have hit the wall of exercise. I’m so tired. I could seriously sleep all day today. If I did that, I’d miss my interview in an hour, but my body still wants to do it.

No one told me about the wall. I knew at some point I’d start to get sore and a little tired, but not like this.

So, here is my struggle. I need to keep with exercising, period. I’m not allowing myself any ifs, ands, or buts with this. But right now I’m just tired.

Please give me your strength to do this. I want to take care of my body so I do not provide myself any limitations. My body is made to house my spirit and yours, and from that comes ministry, and I don’t want to hinder my ministry to others in any way, shape, or form. I want a healthy body for your purposes, so please help me get through this. I am desperately begging you to hold me up and give strength to my muscles and to my spirit.
I love you, Daddy.
in Jesus name, amen.


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