Adventures of Childcare

This morning, I babysat 4 kids for 4 hours on 3 hours of sleep and 2 cups of coffee.

“Bekah, what is wrong with you?”

Well, I love friends so I stayed out late at a friends house watching a movie, I love being healthy so I had to then work out after staying out later because I hadn’t yet, and I love serving others regardless of how much sleep I’ve had so I still showed up.

Today has been an adventure. I was very humbled when I had to ask for someone to come help me tame the kids. I don’t ever ask for help, even when I should.

God never misses a chance to show us something.

He taught me today that its not only ok to as others for help, its especially ok to ask HIM for help. In fact, he longs for us to just say “Daddy, I need your help.”

On a side note I got to spend a few minutes with I man I have a large amount of respect for, Aaron Strumpel. His music draws me deep into passionate moments worshiping God.

He just happened to be at the house where I was watching kids.

What a crazy day.




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