Warrior Princess

This has nothing to do with what I wanted to blog about today. Haha, oh God, you work in funny ways 🙂

I was reading another blog when a thought came to mind. This particular post was about stress. (Awesome man by the way! Read his blog!)

I was reading the part about stress vs pressure.

A brief lesson in physics shows us that when an external force is applied, it’s called pressure.  So, more accurately, what we should be saying is,“I’m feeling a lot of pressure”.

So then, what is stress?  Stress is defined as internal resistance to an external load.

“Thanks Luke. You’re a freaking genius. But why is that important?”

Because we need be reminded that stress is not the pressure we feel.  Stress is our response to the pressure we feel.  In other words, stress is not something that just happens to you.

– From Luke’s Blog Post

God gave me an interesting picture as I was reading this.

He showed me a princess.

Lets talk about the typical princess and what we think of when we think “Princess”:

  • needs saving (which is not always bad)
  • cant do much for herself
  • usually trapped (maybe actually by internal conflict with external pressure?)
  • generally very beautiful
  • over-all a helpless person, waiting for charming to save her

Hold on to that thought. Maybe imagine Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, just totally helpless until help arrives.

There is another type of princess that God calls us to be. 


Lets look at some details about this type of princess:

  • Needs saving, but goes out from her hiding place or place of captivity and fights for what she needs.
  • Learns what she needs to know, finds what she needs to have, gives what she needs to give to complete the journey, defeat the evil enemy, etc..
  • Still very beautiful, but her beauty is more than a quiet spirit and a pretty face. Her beauty calls to us. We wish to have fierce passion, and an untamed heart! We come alive in her adventure.
  • KNOWS that she needs guidance (Just like we know we need God) and seeks it out, but is also willing to do for herself, to take the first step in faith on a journey that leads her straight into the unknown.
  • When there is no hope, she still finds some even when any other princess would sit and wait for charming, not hoping for anything except to be freed. Warrior Princess has bigger hope, and that drives her to do bigger and greater things!
  • NOT HELPLESS at all. Warrior Princess rather not be alone, without man, but she would survive. HER WORTH IS NOT IN PRINCE CHARMING, BUT IN WHAT SHE WAS MADE FOR. 

I don’t know about you, but I rather be the Warrior Princess.

If you happen to be a guy (which is awesome that you’re reading this! 10 awesome points to you, Sir!!!) think of yourself as a Warrior. A protector of what is good, a fighter in the battle of righteousness. You do not lay down and give up! You choose to stand up for the good in this world, and not give up and sit on the couch as the war wages outside!

I rather stand up and fight for what’s right than to lay down, play dead, and hope they enemy walks right past me. The only reason I’d be playing dead is to get the enemy closer and vulnerable so I can attack!

Listen to the longing of your heart. God does not call us to be passive in life. There are times where he asks us to rest, which is wonderful and beautiful and restoring. Dont deny yourself that rest and peace. However, dont pass up the opportunity to step into what we are called to do. We are called to fight for God’s glory! Defend the weak, rescue the enslaved, bring help and assistance to the needy, and hope to the hopeless.

My wish is to be a Warrior Princess. A mighty Daughter of The Lord, God. The hope of the world.


Let me know what you think!

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