I Feel Ridiculous!

Lately, my heart has been completely overflowing. When you really accept Christ’s love, he fills every little space you can possibly imagine, and then some.

One way he does that, a huge thing of desire in a woman, is romance.

He is pursuing our hearts, and he longs for that ridiculous puppy love stage, like in a romantic relationship with a man or woman. He definitely desires more than that, but isn’t puppy love where it usually starts?

I’ve found myself squealing like a tween over a guy I like and wouldn’t mind being in a relationship, just for God to whisper I’m my ear “Bekah, this is the beginning of how I want you to feel about me. I know every broken little piece of your heart. Let me divinely romance and love you. Let me bring you joy unparalleled to anything on this earth. Yes, you are my daughter, but you are also my bride.”

Even with God, I get the warm fuzzies and girlish excitedness. I know he’s probably watching me light up with joy, and laughing at my dorkiness too.


Let me know what you think!

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